The new Nepali song ‘Khushi Mageko Thiyo’ released (Video)

A new song written by Mohan Krishna Shrestha, the author of the novel ‘Maya Mistry’, has been released during a program of the music video for ‘Khushi Mageko Thiyo’.

The video was directed by Pawan Joshi, a leading artist in the field of Nepalese songs, music and films. This song has music and composition by Anil Tuladhar. Singer Deepa Maharjan has voice in this song. This song was recorded, mixed and mastered by Bijay Maski.

The video of the song features model Aaradhya Laxmi Khadgi, Sandesh Shrestha along with Surendra Shrestha, Saru Bharti and Nirmal Ranjit.

Makeup for this music video is done by Sanam Kumar Shrestha, cinematography, editing and coloring by Sohan Manandhar. This music video is made in the banner of Newa: Sangeet Sankipa Tiba: Pucha.

Producer and composer Mohan Krishna Shrestha expressed his admiration for the new song’s graphics, highlighting the innovative method in which lyrics and music are expressed with emotion.

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