Prakash Saput and Shanti Shree’s vocals on the film “Pujar Sarki”

Singers Prakash Saput and Shanti Shree Pariyar provided vocals for the primary song, which was recorded on Saturday for the ambitious film “Pujar Sarki,” starring actors Aryan Sigdel, Pradeep Khadka, and Paul Shah.

The film’s director, Dinesh Raut, posted a picture of himself with singer Saput on social media and stated that the song has been recorded. Raut did not disclose the song’s name, but he did say that the folk-inspired song features lyrics by Harak Saud, music by Subash Bhusal, and arrangements by Hemant Kancha Rasaili.

Since the three stars of the audience’s choice are joining forces for this film, it is anticipated that the audience will remember it. Raut, the director of popular films like Prasad, Classic, November Rain, and Prakash, has not disappointed the audience so far and is determined to turn this picture into a commercial and thematic success.

RR Films will handle distribution for “Pujar Sarki,” a film that will be produced under the Kingdom Network label.

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