This is the first song of the film “Kross Roads – Katha Timro Ra Mero” “Aaja Bholi Timrai Kura”

The video of the first song of the film ‘Kross Roads-Katha Timro Ra Mero’ ‘Aaja Bholi Timrai Kura’ has been released. The Song has vocals by Yankee Yolmo, lyrics, music and recording by Abhishek Ramudmu.

The song features lead actress Rishma Gurung, Gaurav Malla Pradhan and Rikzung Rinzing Dorjee, Buddhi Tamang and others. The scenic locations of Lachung, Kolkata and Mirik in Sikkim can be seen in the scene of the song. Filmed in Darjeeling, Sikkim and Kolkata in India, the film is directed by Arvind Raj Gurung.

Produced under the joint banner of Zigmi Lama and Newal Lama’s production company Anjig Productions, Arvind Raj Productions, Golden Hour Films and Nirem Productions, the film features Rishma, Gaurav along with Yankee Yolma, Rikzung Rinzing Dorjee, Buddhi Tamang, Ambika Thapa, Sasikala Pradhan, Pawan Subba and MD Sunny.

The story of Arvind, Niki Gole, Chanchal Thapa and Vivek Lama, the film has editing by Rupen, main assistant direction by Nick Gole, color by Phup Sonam Bhutia, cinematography by Chanchal Thapa. Aini Rai Lama, Jigmi Lama, Newal Lama have invested in the film.

The film has Rowin Gurung from Sikkim and Shikhar Thapa Chhetri and Alisa Chhetri from Darjeeling as line producers while Arvindraj Gurung (Arvind Raj Productions), Vivek Lama (Golden Hour Films) and Niki Gole (Nirem Productions) are co-producers.

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