Two new plays from Friday: ‘June’ at Mandala and ‘Che is Back’ at Purano Ghar

If you’re interested in drama, two new plays are opening in the city from Friday. A new play ‘Che is Back’ is being staged at the Purano Ghar in Sinamangal, while a new play ‘June’ is being staged at Mandala Theater in Thapagaon.

The play ‘June’, which begins in Mandala, tells the story of a character who lost her mother at a young age. After losing her mother, she has been living with her stepmother and two sisters, and she has to find a new home. In this situation, she has to compromise with her interests and dreams. With the speed of time, June Character begins a new journey for self-determination. And how does the story progress? The play ‘June’ revolves around this.

The play is designed, directed and choreographed by Namrata KC and written by Sanyog Guragai. It is said that this play will be staged at Mandala Theater till 24th of Baisakh.

Meanwhile, a new play ‘Che is Back’ will also be staged in the purano Ghar at Sinamangal till 7th Jestha. Written by Sulakshan Bharti, this play will be directed by Kundan Tharu. The Purano Ghar theater has taken the belief that the audience will like this play prepared on a family story.

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