The new film “Jhilko,” starring Sunil Pokharel and Barsha Siwakoti, has an auspicious ceremony

Yadav Bhattarai, the ‘Jhola’ famed director, is set to return to directing with the film “Jhilko,” after a six-year break. The official announcement of the film’s production was made at the Guheshwari temple in Gaushala on Thursday evening, coinciding with a special puja.

Sunil Pokharel, Bishal Pokharel, Bhola Raj Sapkota, Barsha Siwakoti child actor Ayushi Dhakal etc. will play the lead roles in the film, which is being made on a social and family story. Sunil, who has made a proud name in the world of theater, is going to make a comeback in films after 13 years with ‘Jhilko’. He was last seen in the 2011 film ‘Acharya’.

Deepak Bajcharya has been given the responsibility to shoot the film, which is being produced under the banner of Media for Culture. Director Bhattarai prepared the screenplay and dialogue for the film with the help of Arun Dev Joshi and Devrat. Director Bhattarai has said that the film, which is going to start shooting on Magh 22nd, will realistically portray the current Nepali society.

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