Shiva Pariyar’s new song ‘Bhat bhati mutu polirahecha’ released (Video)

The new song, ‘Bhat bhati mutu polirahecha’ with the voice of Shiva Pariyar, has been released on his YouTube channel, Shiva Pariyar.

Based on the sentiment of love separation, the song has lyrics by Bimala Tulachan, music by Shankar Thapa ‘Smile’, arrangements by Bishma Acharya, and mixing and mastering by Ashok Maharjan.

Chris Gurung and Alisha Rai are featured in the song’s video, which presents the story of love and subsequent separation. Directed and choreographed by Ramji Lamichhane, the video has cinematography by Man Krishna Maharjan, editing by Bande Prasad, and color combination by Rajendra Moktan.

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