Prakash Saput’s new song ‘Mutu Katakkai’ trending on YouTube

Singer Prakash Saput released a new song, ‘Mutu Katakkai’, on Monday. The song, which tells the story of pain in love, reached the 10th position of YouTube trending by getting more than 460,000 views less than 24 hours after its release.

Sudip Sagar orchestrated the song, which included words and melody written by Saput himself, with backing vocals from Kushal Belbase and Pratap Das.

Prakash Saput, Kusum Sharma, Roshni Karki, Bijay Pun, and others are acting in the song, which is about a place where men who suffer in love get lost but not for women.

The video of the song, shot by Nabaraj Upreti, edited by Prabin Bhatta, was directed by singer Saput himself.

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