The film ‘Funfuni’ will be made under the direction of Laxman Sunar

Laxman Sunar, who showed good potential in directing with the film ‘Bulaki’ released last Baisakh, has been given the responsibility of directing the new film. He is going to direct the film ‘Funfuni’. The film was announced through a theme poster after obtaining the production license from the Film Development Board on Monday. With the announcement of the film, Aryan Adhikari has been roped in for the lead role.

Hari Malla Thakuri and Ganesh Malla Thakuri will produce the film which is going to be a comedy and family story. Earlier, they produced the film ‘Lakhe’, in which Aryan also played the lead role. The budget of the film, which will be shot in Nepal, Australia, Canada and India, is estimated at 2 crores. The production team is preparing to start the shooting of the film after Tihar. 

Apart from Aryan, no other actors have been finalized in the film. Laxman said that the rest of the artists will be selected in a few days. The story of the film, which is being made in the presentation of the Global Media Research Center, is written by the director Sunar himself. He claims that no effort will be spared to make the film excellent. The film industry has high expectations from Laxman, who made his debut film ‘Bulaki’ memorable.

Before the Corona epidemic, a group including actors Kumar Kattel and Arjun Ghimire of the comedy series ‘Sakkigoni’ were going to make a film called ‘Funfuni’. Nischal Basnet as director and Bipin Karki as actor were also signed. However, later Nischal withdrew from the film. Bipin is still under contract. Now the name ‘Funfani’ has escaped from this team.

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