Ma Anand Sheela in Kathmandu: In conversation with Rajesh, Manisha and Ani Choying

Former Spokesperson of Osho Ma Anand Sheela was in Kathmandu at the invitation of the VYF Talks program and returned to Delhi on Thursday.

During her three-day visit to Kathmandu, it was inspirational for the Nepalese celebrity. She had a fascinating chat with actor Rajesh Hamal that covered a wide range of topics, from life to films. Anand Sheela also talked about the biopic that is being made about her in Bollywood, in which she confirmed Alia Bhatt as an actor.

At the meeting, which took place on Wednesday night at Manisha Koirala’s residence in Kathmandu, Manisha and Ani Choying Dolma publicly complimented Anand Sheela. The three individuals also had a conversation about a variety of topics, ranging from the joys of motherhood to the art of living a happy, independent life well into old age.

VYF Talk show producer Dasharath Sunar noted, “She also tried to clear up the confusion people have about Osho.”

Pics Source: Social Media

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