The official announcement of the film ‘Khajure Bro’

The movie ‘Khajure Bro’ to be produced under the direction of Suraj Sunuwar has been officially announced. The production team made the official announcement of the film by holding a program in Kathmandu. Director Sunuwar is also the writer of the comedy-genre film. The director Sunuwar said that the comedy genre film ‘Khajure Bro’ is a fictional film that is going to be made with the name of ‘Khajure Bro’, a famous person in Dharan.

The film will feature Rare Rai, Mahesh Tripathi, Niti Shah, Nabin Manandhar, Prakash Bhujel, Binita Thapa Magar, Sushma Niraula, Pushkar Karki, Manish Raut, Prem Subba, and Sujata Rai in lead roles. Actress Niti Shah said that she liked the story and the entire team of her debut film, ‘Khajure Bro’, and she is confident that it will be a good film. Speaking in the program, Rare Rai said that he was very happy to work in the title role of ‘Khajure Bro’ and added a challenge. Actor Mahesh Tripathi said that he is excited to work in the comedy genre for the first time.

Executive producer Diamond Upreti is attached to the film, which Suraj Sunuwar and Nabin Manandhar will produce. Filming for the film, which has Shishir Bisankhe directing it, has already started. The crew will head to Dharan after a few days of filming in Kathmandu. Producer and actor Nabin Manandhar stated that the film will be produced with the goal of providing complete entertainment in accordance with the wishes of the audience. The film will be shot in Itahari, Dharan, Darjeeling, and Kathmandu. Anmol Gurung composed the music for the film. Pikesh Manandhar and Anil Manandhar are the co-producers. Divya Vishya Entertainment is producing the film in collaboration with Mandro Productions and Multi Propose Pvt. Ltd.

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