Norbu Tshering, a veteran music composer, has departed.

Veteran musician and composer Norbu Tshering Appa, 75, passed away on Monday. The Musicians Association reported that he died this morning at his home in Hattiban, Lalitpur. Phanindra Rai, who served as Tshering’s music coordinator (arranger) for over 20 years, also confirmed his passing.

A modest and soft-spoken man, he began his career as an arranger in 1951 and spent a considerable amount of time at San Studio in Kupandol. He also wrote the music for songs by Music Nepal and Narayan Gopal.

Tshering is a married man with two daughters, one of whom lives in Canada and the other in the United Kingdom. Upon the arrival of both daughters in Nepal, the last rituals will be conducted in accordance with Buddhist customs.

The Musicians Association of Nepal President, Chetan Sapkota, expressed sadness for Tshering’s passing and the Nepali music industry.

Norbu Tshering worked with Narayan Gopal, Nati Kaji, Bhaktaraj Acharya, and others on a number of well-known songs, such as ‘Jeewan Bhanun Ta Ghat Cha’ and ‘Kina Pheri Maya samji Tadpinchha Man’.

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