The new song ‘Manko Gatho’ of Shrey Agasti released (Video)

The song ‘Manko Gatho’ with the voice of Shrey Agasti has been released. The song has lyrics by Pramod Bhattarai ‘Pratik’, music by Kirti Neupane, and music composition by Purushotham Subedi.

A video has also been made of a song in which the lover complains about the lover not being able to break the heart knot. The video features GB Chiran, Smarika Dhakal and Mahendra Bam. Prashant Gautam and Ram Bista are seen in special roles in the video. The video shows the ups and downs of a pair of lovers falling in love.

Nishan SK directed the video, which also features editing by Padam Subedi and cinematography by Dinesh Parajuli.


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