Criticism started with the discussion of Prakash Saput’s song ‘Sakambari’

Criticism started with the discussion of Prakash Saput’s song ‘Sakambari’

Singer Prakash Saput’s new song ‘Sakambari’ has been in controversy.

For four days after the song was released on YouTube, the song was in ‘Trending One’ and many people have created Tiktok on the song’s part.

The lyrics of the viral song have been criticized for being misogynistic. The song has been criticized on social media for insulting women and questioning their abilities.

The song has a character named Sakambari. Whose name is Phulmaya when in the village. Saput seems to have taken the Sakambari character from Parijat’s famous novel ‘Shirishko Phool’. Saput’s portrayal of Parijat’s character Sakambari has also been criticized as not suitable.

Earlier, Saput’s video visuals for the song titled ‘Peer’ were in controversy. In the video of the song, Saput showed a former Maoist guerrilla woman making a living by selling flesh. He removed the scene after widespread protests.

After another controversy over the portrayal of a female character in the song, we tried to talk to Saput about it. He has been to America some time ago.

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