This is the poster of Rekha Thapa’s film ‘Upahar’

On the occasion of Maghe Sankranti, the production side unveiled the first look poster for Rekha Thapa’s upcoming film, ‘Upahar,’ which will be screened on Falgun 25. Four new first-look posters for the film have been issued.

Among the public posters, actresses Rekha Thapa, Pooja Sharma, Benisha Hamal, and Mukun Bhushal have been featured in one of the posters. In the poster made with a tea house in the background, Rekha is shown carrying a thermos and a glass of tea. In the poster, actor Mukun Bhushal is sitting in a wheel chair. Rekha can be seen holding her with both hands and loving her. There are also airplanes and birds in the background of the FastLook poster. Actress Pooja looks happy while Benisha is shown trying to say something.

In the second poster, actor Tej Giri and actress Benisha are shown in bride-to-be looks. Mukun and Rekha, Samarpan Jung Karki, and Pooja Sharma are also embraced. This poster is aimed at romantic feelings.

The third poster is made in gift style. The poster is tied with a ribbon, and Mukun Bhushal, Rekha Thapa, Pooja Sharma, and Benisha Hamal are seen in happy expressions.

In the fourth poster, actor Mukun is shown in a wheel chair, while Rekha looks attractive in black glasses. This poster features male actors Nirmal Sharma, Shishir Rana, Rajaram Paudel and Kiran KC, who acted in the film’s song ‘Mutuko Char Aana’. Similarly, actress Pooja is shown laughing, and Benisha is smiling.

Gyanendra Deuja is the director of the film, which has Rekha Thapa as the presenter. Produced under the banner of Rekha Films and Kapangadhi Cinemas Pvt Ltd., Sulab Pratik Deuja and Samishka Deuja are the producers. The executive producer of the film is Balram Shahi Thakuri.

The production has already released two songs from the film, ‘Wawa wa’ and ‘Mutu Ko Char Aana’. The film stars Rekha Thapa, Mukun Bhushal, Pooja Sharma, Benisha Hamal, Tej Giri, Samarpan Jung Karki, Sushma Karki, Anshu Maharjan, and Asha Bhushal.

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