Two films with the same name made waves: one passed the censors, the other not yet

Name disputes can flare up in the Nepali film business. Some time ago, the name of the film ‘Bhagwat Geeta’ was in controversy. Controversy arose after religious organizations disagreed on the name of the film ‘Bhagwat Gita’. After the production unit made some changes to the name, the dispute was resolved.

The controversy began recently when two films bearing the same name were released. For a while, a group in the media had been promoting that they would make a film called “Aktor,” starring Pradeep Khadka and Aana Sharma. However, since film production requires registration with the Film Development Board, this project was never completed.

Similarly, another film with the name ‘Actor’ has been registered, produced, and censored. A dispute has arisen because the name sounds the same no matter how it is pronounced.

The Madan Ghimire-directed film “Actor” passed the censors and features Prince Thapa, Siwani Giri, Kashish Dahal, Sibhu Shah, and other actors playing lead roles in the film. Under Manohari Thapa’s production, Nepali Diaspora Entertainment is producing this film. Director Madan Ghimire claims that the film was shot seven to eight months ago.

Director Ghimire said that he was surprised to hear that a film is being made with the name of a film that he has already produced and censored. They say that the English name of the film is different. But the promotion is being done under the same name”, Director Ghimire said, “Someone else has registered the film under the name I have given, no. Ghimire is of the opinion that if a film is made with the same name, it will affect business as well since people will bow down.

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