Singer Naresh Jogi’s new song ‘Pyaar ke Sardi’ released (Video)

Tharu language church songwriter and singer Naresh Jogi has come up with a music video for the song ‘Pyarke Sardi’ on Naresh Joshi’s YouTube channel on Friday.

Annu Chaudhary and Naresh Jogi have given voice to the song, and Naresh Jogi has written the lyrics. Ganesh Chaudhary arranged this song, and Chandra Chaudhary handled the mixing and mastering.

Similarly, in the music video for the song, Naresh Jogi and Pratibha Chaudhary are seen in the lead roles. Ajay Regmi did the cinematography, while Bikram Chauhan directed and choreographed the song. Milan Vishwakarma edited the video, and Ajay Regmi droned it.

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