The release of Mandabi Tripathi’s new song, “Aadat” (Video)

Popular singer Mandabi Tripathi’s voice and Dr. Bhama Devkota Sharma’s lyrics ‘Aadat’ have been released from the official YouTube channel Prabhama Creation of Dr. Bhama Devkota Sharma and Dr. Pramod Sharma, a couple who love Nepali music, literature, and culture while living in America.

The music, composition, mixing, and mastering of the song are by Bipin Acharya. Sanjeev Tamang provided the choreography, Bijay Rumba Lama handled the photography and editing, and music composer Bipin Acharya directed the video.

In the song prepared in a romantic style, it is expressed that the girlfriend has become accustomed to the boyfriend in her life. The girlfriend has also said that a boyfriend is indispensable for her.

The video for the song has been made in film style. Actors Priyana Acharya Munni, Sanjeev Tamang, lyricist Dr. Bhama Devkota Sharma, Pramod Sharma, and Shyama Devkota are acting in the video.

The famous cinematographer Rameshwar Karki shot the video in different locations in Nepal and America. Director Musician Acharya said that the famous film director Narayan Puri also had special guidance in the video prepared in film style. The singer believes that the song and video will be of interest to the audience.

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