Pooja Chand makes her cinematic debut after twenty years

After relocating to the United States, the once-successful actress Pooja Chand’s filmography grew farther apart. She was last seen in the 2004 release of “Maan Ko Tukra.” Now, after 20 years, she is making a comeback with director Binod Paudel’s second film, ‘Bhuthan’ (The World’s Happiest Man).

In an interview, Pooja, who was attending a workshop for the first time, stated, “I had never done a workshop in my film career. Here I got a chance to learn this new thing. This is a very different experience for me.” Filming for “Bhuthan” began this week in America.

She now intends to carry on acting. “I will keep doing films. There are a couple more that are being discussed. I am going to Nepal in July. If the script and role are good, I will do the film there,” Pooja stated. Pooja, who resides in Baltimore, has been operating a recording studio and also supplies lighting and sound equipment for concerts.

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