Naresh and Soondar’s ‘Aba Arko Junima’ is released (Video)

Naresh Budhathoki and Soondar Magar’s voices have been released in the song ‘Aba Arko Junima’. Dilasha Basnet, Sagar Lamsal ‘Bale’, Shristi Timilsina, Subham Shrestha (Miracla) and others have acted in the video of the song, which has lyrics and music by singer Magar. The video of the song, released through a YouTube channel called Neptune Entertainment LLC, covers the scenic view of America. Singers Budhathoki and Magar, along with director Shishir Khati, artist Sagar Lamsal, and singer Durgesh Thapa, were present at the press conference.

Lyricist and singer Magar said that the song was prepared in a modern style. This song expresses love and shows the importance of life. Besides giving a romantic feel, it also conveys an important story,” he said.

Singer Budhathoki thanked the director and the team, including the actors, for making the song as good in the video as in the audio. As in audio, effort has been made in video as well. In this way, the feeling of fulfilling the wishes left this year has been expressed for the next year. Singer Budhathoki said, “Even though the video was filmed abroad, no effort has been spared to make the video excellent. Some of the collaborations done together will now be made public gradually.

Sagar, one of the actors seen in the video, recalled the first time he came to America and acted in the video. “I went to America for six days and came back after acting in a song,” Sagar said. “When I was working, the production team gave me ease like Nepal. I’ve tried my best.’

Hair and makeup by Samita Shrestha; color by Rajendra Moktan, editing by Manoj Karki; VFX design by Santosh; direction and cinematography by Shishir Khati in the music video. Dilasha Basnet is the producer of this music video.

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