Menuka Poudel’s new song ‘Badalu Mathi’ released (Video)

Singer Menuka Paudel, who reached the top 11 of the Indian reality show Indian Idol, has released a new song titled ‘Badalu Mathi’. Singer and composer Rajan Raj Siwakoti and Menuka Paudel’s combined voices have brought the song to the market through Rebel Creations.

The lyrics of the song, which is very pleasing to the ears, were written by Siwakoti himself. Nakul Khadka has edited the video of Menuka’s song, which has reached the peak of discussion not only in Nepal but also in India.

Rebel Creation has said that the official video of the song will be released soon. Gaganlal Pradhan, the producer of the song, said that the song was released with the belief that Menuka’s voice will increase her morale. He said that they released this song to give more energy to the success of Nepali girls getting Indian roles.

Singer Siwakoti said that they brought this song to the market to bring Menuka’s talent to the audience at the right time. “I believe that this song will add more energy to the success that Menuka is achieving,” he said, “I believe that this song of Menuka, who is introduced as ‘the epitome of music in Indian Idol’, will bring more success in her ‘musical flight.’

Amidst the success and buzz of Indian Idol, Nepali songs that have come into the market are being watched with more interest. Menuka is singing in Indian Idol to the amazement of not only the audience but also the judges and guests of the show.

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