Bruce Dern, a Hollywood actor, in the Nepali film “Bhuthan”

Hollywood actor Bruce Dern is going to act in the lead role in the Nepali film ‘Bhuthan’. America’s prestigious online magazine Variety quoted director Vinod Poudel and mentioned that Dern has entered the film. Director Paudel sent him the script through an agency. After liking the script, he informed that he was ready to work on the film. The shooting of the film, which has been titled Bhuthan in Nepali and ‘The World’s Happiest Man’ in English, will start in America on Poush 23rd in the vicinity of Ohio, USA.

In 1979, Dern was nominated for an Oscar for the film “Coming Home,” and for the film “Nebraska,” he won the best actor award at the “Cannes Film Festival” in 2013. He has acted in more than 50 films and television series, having been nominated many times for the British Academy Film Awards, Genie Awards, and Golden Globes Awards.

Director Paudel informed us that, beside actor Bruce Dern, the film stars Haribansh Acharya, Dayahang Rai, Joyce Pandey, Anuradha Mazumdar, Pooja Chanda Lama, Richa Ghimire, Aditi Pyakurel, Tom Crane, and others. Susan Prajapati will be shooting the film. The film will be made in Nepali and English.

L. N. Adhikari and Kaushila Khanal are the executive producers of the film; Deepak Gajmer is the line producer; and Star Jhau, who won an Oscar for the Hollywood film ‘La La Land’ in 2017, is also an associate producer. Shailesh Mainali, Deepak Dasnami, Manorath Khanal, Rabin Pokhrel, Pradeep Sharma, Raju Paudel, Sanjeev Bhar Shrestha, and Nawaraj Parajuli will be co-producers.

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