‘Hookah’ tells the story of Nepali society: Pramila Khanal

Pramila Khanal may be a new name for the movie audience. Although she has acted in some films, few have ‘noticed’ her. However, she has lost the magic of acting in the drama. In the film, she did not get a strong role to show acting. She is playing a leading role in the film ‘Hookah: An Absurd Dream’ which is going to be released on the 12th of Jestha.

In the trailer that was released this week, Pramila’s dialogue ‘Aagosaago muter nibhai dinchu’ during a heated argument with her husband is now very popular on Tiktok. Through this dialogue, it can be understood that she is playing the role of a brave and fearless woman in the film. About her role, she says, ‘After the divorce, I am seen in the character of a mother of a daughter and the daughter of a village chief.’ 

She made this film after the lockdown. Pramila, who stayed at home for a long time during the lockdown, read the script of ‘Hookah’ at that time. After liking the theme that her character tried to show through the film, she was ready to act. She recalls that she did not want to miss this film even though she got the chance to work away from Kathmandu, which was deserted due to Corona.

According to Pramila, ‘hookah’ tells the real story of Nepali society. She thinks that the society will feel a sense of belonging to the theme of the film. Pramila is currently experiencing motherhood. She also played the character of a daughter’s mother in the film. She said that the film shows the responsibility, duty and relationship of a mother to her daughter very beautifully and strongly.

Pramila describes the film as ‘local rice’. She believes that this film will give Nepali people the taste of ‘local rice’. ‘We have not raised any terribly different and scary issues. But what we have tried to say and show it in a different way. And, I am confident that the audience will like the film,’ Pramila said.

Directed by Shambhu Thapa, the film stars Santosh Kumar Atreya, Prakash Ghimire, Tej Giri, Ashu Neupane, Talisha Gurung, Nischal Bimal, Elisha Vick along with Pramila. Reshma Pradhan is the co-producer, Parvati Thapa, Sushila Gurung and Sagar Godar Chhetri are the producers, Kamal Bahadur Bhujel and Kiran Kumar Atreya are the executive producers, and the film is being distributed by Station Five and FD Company.

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