The action film “Pitambar” directed by Krisha began filming.

Krisha Chaulagain, the director of “Aincho Paincho,” has begun filming “Pitambar,” her second film as director. Filming for the film began at Tribeni Dham (Temple) in Nawalparasi on Friday morning. 15 days of filming will be spent in Butwal, Nepalgunj, and Nawalparasi during the first phase. There are rumors that the second part of the film will be shot in the upcoming month of Baisakh.

Surakshya Panta, Anoop Bikram Shahi, Pramod Agrahari, Kameshwar Chaurasia, Divya Dev, Supuspa Bhatta, Bishal Pahari, Gaurav Bista, and other actors will be filmed in the first phase. Saugat Malla and Pradeep Khadka, who play the film’s leads, will only participate in the second part of the production. The film’s story, screenplay, and dialogue were all written by Pradeep Bhardwaj.

KP Films has collaborated with Purushottam Pradhan Films, and Purushottam Pradhan will be shooting the film. The producer of the film is Bishal Chaulagain. There will be three stages to the film’s shooting. According to Director Chaulagain, the third phase will be filmed in Asadh-Shrawan the following year. The film is being produced on a “large scale,” with an estimated budget of five crore.

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