‘Adipurush’ producer’s letter to Balen- ‘There is no reference to Sita Mata’s birth place in dialogue’

Super Cassettes Industries Limited, the production company of the Indian film ‘Adipurush’ has written a letter to Balen Shah, the head of the Kathmandu Metropolitan City and the Film Development Board, clarifying that there is no reference about the birth place of Sita Mata in the film. In the letter signed by Super Cassette’s Radhika Das, an apology has also been sought if the sentiments of Nepalis have been hurt in any way. 

The letter said, ‘This was never done knowingly or intentionally to create discord for anyone and in any way. There is no reference to Mother Sita’s birth place in the dialogue spoken by Prabhas portraying the character of Mr. Raghav, ‘Fight for me today, fight for the day when before laying hands on any daughter of India, the miscreant will remember your power and cut it off.’

The letter mentions that the dialogue refers to the respect of all women and that the respect of women around the world is very important to them. “We request you to support the film’s aim to reach a large audience to see the film artistically and create interest in our history,” the letter said. 

Mayor Shah of Kathmandu has announced that all Hindi films, including ‘Adipurush’, will be stopped in Kathmandu from tomorrow, Monday, for not showing the dialogue on Janaki. And, the theater owners of Kathmandu have canceled all Hindi film shows from Monday. After the Kathmandu performance of ‘Adipurush’ has been stopped, the distributors who have taken Nepal performance rights for crores of rupees have lost their hope.

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