Alisha and Alish in Agam Bikaral’s ‘Jodi Chindo’ (Video)

The music video of lyricist Agam Bikaral’s new song ‘Jodi Chindo’ has been released. In this song by Sakela Bhaka, the young man has described his customs and culture to the newly-acquainted girl.

Promising to enter the house according to his customs, the young man has offered to come and ask for a pair of clothes. Jodi chindo and three hearths have cultural significance in the Rai community.

This song is sung by Ashok Thulung and arranged by Phanindra Rai and composed by Dinesh Bantawa. The music video features Alisha Rai and Alish Rai. Choreographed by Subol Thapa, this video was shot by Bhupendra Tumbahamphe. Directed by Kiran Chamling Rai.

Songwriter Bikaral has already released some music videos. He released the video of his song ‘Ekanta ma’ only last Baisakh. Songwriter Bikaral, who has recorded more than a dozen songs, is popular among connoisseurs of smooth music.

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