The short film “The Shoes Paulo” tells the story of Shoes’ life and the hardships of a street kid.

A short film ‘Paulo’ has been produced with the support of Aina Arts and Black Horse Shoe Company. Filmed at Pashupati Complex in Kathmandu, the shoe-themed film features Prashant Humagain, Subash Silwal, Mohan Shrestha, Uddhav Dangal, Naren Bhattarai, Nischal Karki, Sampanna Dahal, Lizesh Thapa, and Sandesh Thapa. Chakra Prasad Pokhrel is in charge of the casting and production management for Renuka Karki in Paulo. Karan Saud is the assistant director. Narayan GC is in charge of the film’s cinematography, while Anil Kumar Maharjan handles the editing.

Paulo is a short film about a homeless boy who lives in the Pashupati complex. The shoe is the main character in the film, from start to finish. People are born, grow up, get married, and then, if their spouse dies, there are incidents in society where the husband or wife marries someone else. In these situations, the artist or the character does not move the shoes; instead, the shoes move the characters of the story. Over time, the same shoes can make someone happy, cry, or feel sad. The story is told vividly, and the film portrays society realistically.

Chin Bahadur Shrestha, managing director of Black Horse Industries Pvt. Ltd., says he cooperated because Paulo’s story is related to shoes. Black Horse has been producing and distributing branded shoes and slippers in Nepal. The main essence of this short film is that shoes are not only material but also human emotions.

Mohan Shrestha (Avilashi) wrote and directed the short film Paulo. He claims that in this film, shoes are portrayed as the main character and life, whereas in other films, people are made to be characters. Three of his previous short films, Bhau, Ghurra, and The School Wall, were selected for international film festivals and screened in multiple countries.

Actors were chosen for the Paulo roles through auditions held at Sparkle Art Academy. Prashant Humagain, who played the lead role, says the short film gave him a chance to learn more about acting and recounts the experience of people kowtowing to him and giving him money. He has traveled to Belarus and Bangladesh with the play and won the Best Child Actor Award.

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