Aryan and Keki feature on new song ‘Timi Chhau Ra Mero Cha Mutu Chaleko’

A new song starring Aryan Sigdel and Keki Adhikari has been released through the YouTube channel Manjel Rai Official. Dr. Krishna Hari Baral wrote the lyrics, and Manjel Rai and Annu Chaudhary provided the vocals.

The Mundhum Studio-produced music video for the song features the romance between Aryan and Keki. Singer Manjel stated that he wished to give the song a more romantic feel.

Manjel Rai wrote the song’s composition, Badal Limbu handled the arrangements, Chandra Chaudhary handled the mixing and mastering, Anil Rana handled the editing, and Himal Shrestha shot the video, which Badal Limbu directed.

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