The metropolis imposed a fine of Rupees 50,000 to the producer of Bagan

Actress Karishma Manandhar’s new film ‘Baagan’ has been showing in the theaters for five days. On the occasion of the screening of the film, Karisma wrote a status on Facebook and requested Balen Shah, the head of the Kathmandu Metropolitan City, to assist in the screening of the film. However, she used to remove the status written on Facebook, she also removed the status written for Balen after 24 hours.

Meanwhile, the producer of her film ‘Bagaan’ has been fined by the Kathmandu Metropolitan City for putting up random posters. The production company of the film, Nepali website Media House, has been fined 50,000 rupees by the Metropolitan Police Force as part of the administrative penalty. Kathmandu Metropolis has prohibited the posting of leaflets, pamphlets and posters within its jurisdiction.

The producer of the film, Suresh Wagle, posted a photo of the fine receipt on Facebook and asked Mayor Shah to help the Nepali film. He writes, “Balenji stopped ‘Adipurush’, please help Nepali cinema.” The metropolis imposed a fine of 50,000 for the poster that our distributor has posted on the wall of his house without our knowledge.

He mentioned that if Metropolitan Police Chief Raju Pandey had informed him about this before the media, he would have had time to correct the mistake. He committed to always support and support the city’s campaign against environmental pollution. Directed by actor Saroj Khanal, ‘Baagan’ tells the story of a single woman’s remarriage.

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