Digital auditioning for a heroine for Sabin’s ‘Bagh Chal’

The lead actress will be selected through digital auditions for the film ‘Bagh Chal’ which is being made under the direction of Samrat Basnet. On Sunday, the production team called for a digital audition through a poster. Those who want to participate in the audition have to send their photo along with a two-minute presentation to and WhatsApp number 984383244 before Asadh 7. 

The production team auditioned 7 actors at Kantipur Film Academy on Saturday and Sunday. In which 151 people participated. Director Basnet informed that the names of the artists selected from both physical and digital auditions will be announced on Asadh 10. The production team is preparing to bring an actress from India for the film.

The film, which is being made under the banner of Uttargaya Music and Films and Sabin Films, will feature Sabin Shrestha and Gandaki Provincial Assembly Member and former Sports Minister Rajiv Gurung (Deepak Manange) in the lead roles. It is said that Sabin will play the villain and Rajiv will play the hero in the film. The story, screenplay and dialogues of the action-love story film are by Shivam Adhikari. 

Rajiv Gurung (Deepak Manange) is among the presenters of the film in collaboration with New Lakshmi Jewelers (UK). Dhan Bahadur Gurung (DB), Tikaram Bhandari, Sameer Shahi (Australia) and Krishna Thapa (Australia) are the producers of the film. The executive producer of the film is Sabin Shrestha. It is reported that 90 percent of the film will be shot in Nepal and 10 percent including one song will be shot in Australia.

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