Deepika Prasain, an actress, is becoming a mother

Actress Deepika Prasain is going to be a mother. Her husband, Diwakar Bhattarai, shared a picture on Facebook and informed that Deepika is going to be a mother.

Diwakar has expressed happiness that he is about to become a father. ‘The most important and beautiful introduction to your and my lives has been added, love! You are becoming a mother, and I am a father! How happy I am and how much I love you—these words are not enough to express this feeling. I know you understand. This is a beautiful journey through our lives and love. May we be able to walk with you like this throughout our lives; this is one wish,’ he wrote.

Recently, director Diwakar Bhattarai and actress Deepika shot for the upcoming film ‘Mayavi’. Actress Deepika acted in ‘Aishwarya’ and ‘Chhakka Panja 3’.

Director Bhattarai has already directed the films ‘Mero Jeevan Saathi, Stupid Maan, Dreams, Aishwarya, and Captain’. He recently directed the film ‘Captain’.

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