‘The Red Suitcase’ in theaters from Chaitra 30

The film ‘The Red Suitcase’, which had its world premiere at the Venice Film Festival, will be screened on Chaitra 30. The screening of this film, which has toured the international market, has been scheduled on the occasion of the English New Year.

The film ‘The Red Suitcase’, which has traveled to various prestigious film festivals around the world, is now being brought to domestic audiences. Wishing you a happy English New Year 2024, we would like to inform you that The Red Suitcase will be on display across Nepal on Chaitra 30. Also, we expect the love and support of the general audience,’ producer Ramakrishna Pokhrel has written on social media while releasing the poster with the screening date of the film.

With the film taking hold in the world market, everyone has praised Ramakrishna’s investment and courage in the production of ‘The Red Suitcase’. Sri Lankan director Bhimukthi Jayasundara supported him in co-production to invest in such a matter.

Directed by Fidel Devkota, this film is still touring in Venice, Mumbai’s Mami Festival, Germany’s Mannheim Heidelberg, Geneva, Serbia, etc. The film covers the subject of foreign employment.

The story of the film begins with a scene where a pickup truck is proceeding towards the destination from Tribhuvan Airport with material that has arrived from Qatar. At the same time, another migrant worker leaves the airport carrying a red suitcase. The pickup driver on the journey to deliver the material to the destination gradually gets caught up in mysterious events.

A stranger tries to sit in his place on the highway, and then the suitcase holder is also seen there. The film presents this journey where the driver experiences that the people he meets on the highway, the migrant workers, and the mysterious events are not coincidental but connected to that particular material.

The film stars actors Saugat Malla, Bipin Karki, Shristi Shrestha, and Praveen Khatiwada.

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