After Saruk’s suicide, Keki mentioned need of mental health counseling department while making the film

After the actor Saruk Tamrakar chose the path of suicide at the age of 31, the debate about mental health has been heated in the social network. This debate is raging not only in Nepal, but also in countries like China and Japan.

Moreover, it seems that mental counseling is necessary for filmmakers who enjoy the colorful world. Actress Keki Adhikari is of the opinion that it is necessary to have a mental health counseling department for the artists and technicians during the production of the film. She said that it is very necessary to pay attention to this matter even while making the budget of the film. She suggests being serious about it as the cost of being in the public spotlight can be unimaginable.

keki adhikari

Similarly, film writer and critic Samipya Raj Timalsina has said that after the action of Saruk Tamrakar, there is a need to have a debate about mental health in Nepal. Stating that Nepal’s film sector is not professional, he has written, ‘There is a competition to exploit others and spread the illusion of success by stepping on others’ heads. There is a lot of flop pressure for actors in the film industry.’

samipyaraj timalsina

He is of the opinion that the pressure on the filmmakers has increased when media workers also print hit and flop statistics with priority and this style needs to be reconsidered. In his status, director Dipendra K. Khanal, directors society president and director Janakdeep Parajuli, actresses Jharna Thapa, Sanchita Luitel and Jia KC, actor Raj Katuwal have agreed.

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