The three films in Barsha Raut’s schedule

The actress Barsha Raut has been in more films lately, but she is finding it difficult to find time for them. There are instances when the film is not available, there are ongoing offers, and Barsha finds it difficult to plan her schedule.

Barsha is working on the film ‘Mahajatra’. Barsha is paired with actor Bipin Karki in this film, which was prepared under the direction of Pradeep Bhattarai. The production side is preparing to release this film on Chaitra 9.

In addition, she has also signed the film ‘Tel Visa’ to be produced under the direction of Shankar Ghimire. Bipin Karki is working as her partner in this film as well. This film will be shot in Australia.

Another film signed by Barsha is ‘Avatar’. Everest Surya Bohra is directing this film. Originally, Bohra had intended to begin filming the movie in the month of Poush, but it is now scheduled for later. Barsha will be working with protagonist Paul Shah and Salon Basnet on this project. Based on this, it is likely that one movie will be released this rainy year and two films the following year.

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