‘Depression: ‘The Untold Story’ directed by Nabin shrestha

An estimated 700,000 individuals worldwide pass away from suicide each year. In the age group of 15 to 29, suicide ranks as the fourth most common cause of death. Nowadays, there is a growing prevalence of depression among young people.

This figure appears in the Nabin Shrestha-directed short film “Depression: ‘The Untold Story,'” among other statistics.

This short film, “Saathi,” was released one week ago on the Katha Digital YouTube channel. It stars model and choreographer Lovin Ansari in the lead role. He portrays a young man going through depression in the film.

This short film was produced by Katha Digital and depicts the true situation of young people in our society becoming depressed. The film made clear how important it is now to shield young people from depression.

In the movie with Lovin Ansari were Yunchho Limbu, Anjita Shrestha, Deepa Thani, and Darpan Basnet. Shot by Sunil Shrestha, this film was edited at the Merokipa Gallery.

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