Kutumba performing at Tundikhel on New Year

Kathmandu- Kutumb Band is an established brand among Nepali music lovers. The Kutumba, which is famous both in the country and abroad, is going to hold a concert on the day of New Year 2080 i.e. 1st Baisakh in Tundikhel, Kathmandu. At the concert, Kutumb will present more than a dozen songs, including New Koseli, welcoming the New Year. The Kutumba said that they are going to hold a concert in Tundikhel to welcome the Nepali New Year musically.

Apart from the Kutumba concert, ‘Osho Mahotsav’ of yoga, meditation and celebration is also being organized in Tundikhel on that day. Om Nepal Media is going to organize this festival in collaboration with Osho Tapovan. There is also a program where the family will announce their new musical Koseli in the program. Bhavan Bhatta Swamy, coordinator of the festival, said that the festival, which will be held from 9 am to 9 pm, will have various types of programs suitable for people of all classes, ages, communities, castes, religions and cultures.

There will be a one-day Osho Mahotsavdhyan, meditation, yoga, singing, dancing, live music, laughing meditation, live repetition, book exhibition, food festival, ghajal recital and comedy,’ said Tapovan spokesperson Nirajan Bhandari. According to the organizers, the festival can be viewed for free. Osho Tapovan program coordinator Sweta Sinkha said that 50,000 people will meditate and celebrate together in the evening. The festival will be coordinated by Film Journalists Association Nepal.

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