Pratap Das and Milan Newar bring the song ‘Sakdina Timi Bahek’ (Video)

A new song titled ‘Sakdina Timi Bahek’ has been released in the voice of singers Pratap Das and Milan Newar on Thursday through the YouTube channel Drip Chamling.

Arjun Pokharel created the music for the song, and Drip Chamling wrote the lyrics. Nirajan Pradhan and Karishma Shrestha appear in the Rajesh Puma Rai-directed music video. In Mustang, this song’s video was shot.

Utsav Dhal shot the video of the songs, and Bikas Dahal edited the song’s music video. Raj Dong RD served as assistant director for the music video, Prem Rasaili provided the choreography, and Dipendra Gautam handled the production.

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