Deepa Shree’s Chhamchami in Anju’s ‘Teejako Lahar’

Every year, Anju Shrestha, a singer, creates new songs for Teej. She has returned with a wave of Teej once more. For the past 6–7 years, she has been coming regularly with Teej songs.

Anju Shrestha has composed a duet for Teej this year. Anju, who used to sing solo in previous years, has accompanied Bina Bhattarai this time. Bina Bhattarai has also written the lyrics for this Teej song.

Min Gurung is the song’s composer, and Sudip Sagar is its arranger. Shyamswet Rasaili performed the song’s mixing and mastering.

Anju Shrestha and Bina Bhattarai conceal their hips in the song’s music video, which mostly features Deepa Shree Niraula. Gyanendra Sharma was the song’s director and cinematographer. Santosh Rajbahk is the choreographer.The editing of the song was handled by Bibek Upreti.

Anju Shrestha claimed that she has sung the song in this manner every Teej in accordance with the traditional religion of that festival, which is a major celebration of women.

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