Saroj Khanal making a film with Rajesh Hamal and Shiv Shrestha

Actor and director Saroj Khanal is going to make a film about contemporary artists Rajesh Hamal and Shiv Shrestha. In a conversation with Himalaya TV HD’s program Celebs Talk, he announced the new film and informed that the shooting will start after Dashain.

This film will be jointly directed by both Bikash Raj Acharya and Khanal of ‘Nai Nabhannu La’ fame. Until yesterday, 14 scenes were written. We are directing together with Bikash,” he said. Along with Saroj, Rajesh and Shiv, three contemporary actors are going to act in this film. “All three of us contemporary artists are seen in it,” he said.

Now we are in the script. As soon as Bikash narrated the story, I remembered Rajesh’s face for a role in my mind. It’s a bit of a strange role. So far, no one has seen Rajesh in that role,” he said. “If he says not to play, we will consider the second option.”

He also said that Rajesh and himself will have parallel roles in the film. Saroj, who is thinking of casting Shiv in another role, said, ‘There is also a role about Shiv. We will be three actors in one frame, he said. He said that no decision has been made about the actress. Even before making Nai Nabhannu La, we were thinking about making this film. At that time, there was talk of taking Priyanka and now there will be a change, he said.

In that interview, Khanal said that Prachanda and Deuba offered him for the election but he refused. “By now I could have become a minister,” he said. In addition, he also recalled the controversy that arose when he rejected the 1991 film award.

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