‘Rangeli’ was made to be performed on Mahashivaratri

Kathmandu: The name of the Nepali movie formerly known as “Rangeli Gangsters”, which has been making headlines since the production announcement, has been altered to “Rangeli.”

The production team has issued a press release, changed its name, and announced the release date of the film.

According to the statement, it is hoped that the film’s new title will help keep society as a whole positive, united, and respectful.

The statement claims that the title of the film has been altered as a result of a compromise made in Rangeli, in the Morang area, where the film would be shot. The local body and the elders of the town were asked to change the title of this film. Their demands have been honored, and the title has been changed. However, the film’s script hasn’t changed at all.

Also, Rangeli’s official release date has been set through the announcement to be on Falgun 25, 2080, on the occasion of Mahashivaratri. In this film, Dayahang Rai, Miruna Magar, Arpan Thapa, Prabin Khatiwada, and other actors will have significant roles. Beginning on Bhadra 20, the film’s filming will commence.

Arjun Subedi is the film’s writer and director. Anoj Jung Thapa and Jeetendra Khatiwada are the executive producers. Yuwak Karki and Shiv Thapaliya are co-producers, and Sansar Chaulagain and Ramesh Bhattarai Basishtha are the producers. Associate producer Bibek Khadka (Yolo) is involved. Sushan Prajapati is the film’s director of photography.

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