‘Jay Ho’ in college campaign to attract students

Kathmandu: Lately, the promotion of Nepali films has started to focus on colleges. If the college students can be invited to the hall, the production unit has reached the college promotion with the idea that the business of the film will be good.

Similarly, the film ‘Jay Ho’, which is going to be screened across the country from the 8th of Bhadra, also reached Xavier International College in Kalopul on Monday to promote the film. A team including Keki Adhikari, Salon Basnet and presenter Shovit Basnet reached the college and spread the message among the students.

In the program, artists Keki and Salon interacted with the students, asking them to watch the film. On the same occasion, the college students have promised to watch the film with actors Keki and Salon.

The film’s presenter, Shovit Basnet, expressed his happiness at visiting Xavier, a renowned University for providing the best education, and promoting the film.

The movie also stars Arpan Thapa, Maotse Gurung, Nisha Adhikari, and others in addition to Keki and Salon.

The film, which is hosted by Shovit Basnet, has choreography by Kabiraj Gahatraj and Ramji Lamichhane, as well as Samrat Basnet’s action and Banish Shah’s editing. The movie is made under the banner of Salon Salina Films.

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