Gyanendra Deuja’s two bids, which one to believe?

It is said that to believe in the words of Nepali filmmakers and politicians is to be a fool. They can change their speech according to time and situation, just like a lizard changes its color in a moment. When what is said for discussion is not fulfilled, then often filmmakers blame the media because they are above water. Director Gyanendra Deuja is also trying now.

A few weeks ago, the director Deuja informed that Pooja Sharma and Aanchal Sharma will be acting along with Rekha in the film to be produced by Rekha Thapa. But later it came to light that he had only offered Aanchal a film but not signed yet. After Aanchal asked for the script, Deuja and Rekha have now ‘closed the chapter’ with her.

Director Deuja has changed his speech and termed the meeting with her as tea meeting. He reached the premiere of ‘Prasad 2’ on Monday and claimed that he had not proposed to anyone yet, saying that it was reported in the news that he had done tea without pronouncing Aanchal’s name. Deuja said that he can make a film even with two or four-five heroines.

Apart from Rekha and Pooja, there are no other finalists in the film. There was no formal talk with anyone. We have not even made a formal proposal. We can make proposals to anyone,” he said. At his words, Rekha and Pooja celebrated by joining hands as if they had won a big title.

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