Nepathya brought a new song, ‘Pachaasai Barshama’ (Video)

On Friday, the folk rock group Nepathya posted a new song on their YouTube channel called “Pachaasai Barshama.” The song is a reflection of a person’s retrospective look back at life upon reaching 50 years old, and it presents the various experiences brought about by our lives, society at large, and technology.

The song’s story, according to singer Amrit Gurung, began approximately six years ago. “When I was fifty years old, Anil Adhikari of Tanahun recited a song to me. Two lines of words in it were funny. Expanding that idea, I took it forward by mixing some pieces I heard elsewhere, some letters written by myself,” he revealed.

This song was recorded in the Nepathya Band’s management studio in Kalikasthan, Nepal, with technical assistance from sound engineer Eman Bikram Shah. The song’s director, Navin Joshi, also directed the band’s second music video, which followed his success with ‘Resham,’ one of Nepathya’s most popular songs.

“I have presented the new and old glimpses of Nepathya as an image of the changing times by covering the development of television technology,” says Navin. “I have connected the journey that started from the era of box-shaped televisions to the ever-thinning screen, and now the video that can be seen on mobile phones is in everyone’s hands.” The band’s journey is depicted through newspaper cuttings in the music video for “Pachasai Baasham.”

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