‘Nepali Film Festival London-2024’ will be held in London

The Nepali Film Festival London 2024 is going to be held in London, the capital of Britain. The president of Third Eye Limited, Bikash Devkota, has announced that this festival, which is taking place for the second time, will last for seven days this year. There will be a festival from the 27th of Jestha to the 1st of Asadh. Ten Nepali films are reportedly scheduled to be screened at the festival.

According to President Devkota, the Nepali Film Festival will play a significant role in advancing Nepali art and culture when it is held in the UK. He announces, “We are going to screen a film that introduces Nepal and its surroundings.” It will support the growth of the Nepali film industry as well as the promotion of Nepali culture and art. It is reported that 40 film workers from Nepal will participate in the festival.

Third Eye anticipates receiving 50 film submissions for the festival. Ten of those will receive nominations, and five of those will receive awards. Filmmakers who want to participate in the festival can apply by going to Third Eye’s Facebook page. Nepali films have found a strong market in Britain in recent times. Therefore, it seems that the London Film Festival can be effective.

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