Saugat in “Citamol” as the wounded of the people’s war.

Actor Saugat Malla and actress Benisha Hamal reunited for the movie “Citamol” following their collaboration on “Jhyanakuti.” Their roles as husband and wife are being portrayed in this. Under the direction of Raj Bahadur Sane, the film “Citamol” has wrapped up its production. The entire filming in Sindhuli, according to director Sane, has wrapped up, with the exception of a few scenes and songs that were filmed in Kathmandu.

The production team has also released a picture of Saugat and Benisha in their “character looks” following the conclusion of Sindhuli’s filming. Both of them are dressed in village clothes in the photo. Saugat appears as a groom in one photo and in a romantic mood with Benisha in another. One of the photos shows Saugat with crutches in his hands. He portrays an individual hurt during the People’s War in the film.

Based on the backdrop of the Maoist People’s War, the film also stars Lokendra lekhak, Bhugol Karki, Nijwala Gautam, Pawan Bhattarai, Dinesh Regmi, Samip Niroula, Januka Bishwokarma, Gyanu Century, Kajal Bhujel and child actors Karan Nepali and Aaradhya Rajyalakshmi DC. The film, which is a presentation of the Tulsi Devi film, will be screened in the next Teej, according to the production team.

Babul Giri has the music for the song, and Divya Subedi has the cinematography. Produced by Bhugol Kumar Karki, the executive producers of the film include Ramchandra Upadhyay, Apsara Nepali, Gangaram Shrestha, Ajay Kumar BK and Kumar KC.

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