Anmol KC: My film selection has grown more serious.

Actor Anmol KC, who is planning to work in two films this year, Sudarshan Thapa’s ‘Rawayan’ and Suyog Gurung’s ‘Pharki Pharki’, has said that he will not rush to film until he is satisfied with the script. Writing a status on Facebook on Saturday, he claimed that now his only focus is on how the project will be good, and for this, he will not be influenced by any kind of pressure or haste.

He wrote, ‘I am very serious about not taking advantage of anyone’s vested personal interest when I am involved in any project, so I will not rush to film until I am completely satisfied with the script, even if there is a delay. I am determined that the only focus is on how the project will turn out, and for this, I will not be influenced by any kind of pressure or haste.’

He believes that he will be considered a true artist only if he is able to do this. He believes that this will be good for him personally as well as for the producers. Stating that he pays equal attention to the investment security of the maker, he has expressed his determination that the investment in him is not only a financial arithmetic but also a professional trust and that he will not let it be broken. He has made it clear that this will apply to his upcoming projects.

It is estimated that this status of Anmol can be targeted towards the maker of ‘Rawayan’. Director Thapa is planning to start shooting the film in the second week of Ashwin. However, it is said that Anmol asked for time for preparations as he has a double role in the film. As a result, there is talk of disagreement within the team. And, at this time, the arrival of Anmol’s status has added strength to the discussion of the market.

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