This is the teaser for the film ‘Jigree’ (Video)

The comedy teaser for the film ‘Jigree’, which is about to be released on Falgun 4, has been released. The minute-long teaser focuses on the entanglements caused by money. The struggle of two youths to escape from a group is shown in an interesting manner in the trailer.

Akash Magar is the director of the film, which stars Abhay Raj Baral and Akash Magar in the lead roles. The film also stars Supriya Rana, Roshan Subedi, Jeevan Baral, Basudev Khanal, Navin Lamsal, Kedar Shrestha, Diwakar Ghimire, Sushila Lakshmi Maharjan, Manish Byanju, Sneha Rasaily, Arjun Paudel, Shankar Bhandari and others.

Suskera Arts, in association with local theaters, presents the film, which stars Kumar Shrestha as producer and Kusum Thapa Magar as executive producer. The film has cinematography by Sumit Bhatt and Somit Majhi, editing and color by Sarun Manandhar, sound by Kishore Acharya, and music by Subash Poudel and Bhaskar Swar.

The film tells the story of two young people with different behaviors and temperaments who came to Kathmandu with great ambitions. According to director Magar, the main story of the film is the struggle they had in Kathmandu due to high prices and shortages. Suskera Arts is distributing the film.

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