2079 : ‘Kabaddi 4’ in earnings and ‘Aina Jhyalko Putli’ in reviews

The year 2079 is going to be memorable for the Nepali film sector in some respects and unforgettable in some respects. One after the other Nepali films faced step-by-step behavior in the theaters, poor performance of the films of the star actors, series of controversies among the actors turned 2079 into a memorable year due to the commercial success of some unexpected films. 

The film ‘Ae Mero Hajar 4’ opened the first account of performance for this year. And, this year’s farewell film ‘Bahaav’ has done. Meanwhile, a total of 46 films were screened. If we look at the release calendar before the Corona epidemic, this number is low. About 100 films were screened in 2075 and 55 in 2076. This year there was a decline in film releases.

However, this year, the business showed some improvement. The first release of the year ‘Ae Mero Hajur 4’ secured its investment despite clashing with South film ‘KGF 2’. It can be placed in the hit list of this year. ‘Kabaddi 4’, which came out in Jestha , set the highest grossing record in the history of Nepali films. This film is the biggest blockbuster of this year. 

There was a drought of hit films for 3 months after Jestha. Even the expected film could not do brisk business. ‘Zhangedau’, which was performed on Bhadra 17, did surprise business. The film secured investment and gave good profits to the producer. And, it has been included in this year’s hit film. ‘Zhangedau’ has proved that it does not want a series or a sequel for the film to run.

The period from Bhadra to Kartik can be considered fertile for the film sector. During this period, three films became hits and two films became super hits. ‘Prem Geet 3’, which was released on Ashwin 7, entered the superhit list earning 10 crore gross. This film also paved the way for Nepali films in India to a large extent. However, the film was a complete failure at the Indian box office. 

‘Dui Nambari’ released on Ashwin 21 and ‘Ke Ghar Ke Dera’ released on Kartik 4 secured investment and entered the hit list. ‘Mahapurusha’, which was released on Kartik 11, earned around 10 crores and made it to the list of super hit films of the year. From Kartik to the first week of Falgun, the condition of Nepali films remained critical. The expected film audience did not believe.

The movie ‘Phoolbari’ directed by ‘Kabaddi’ director Rambabu Gurung released on 5th of Falgun can be considered as a hit of this year. This film raised investment. ‘Chakka Panja 4’, which was released on Falgun 19, has become the highest grossing film after ‘Kabaddi 4’ so far. That is, the second blockbuster of this year. Now ‘Kabaddi 4’ is in the race to break the record of 22 crores. 

In this way, two blockbusters, two superhits and five films have become hits this year. This can be considered as a happy achievement of the year 2079. However, this year, the number of films that did not even raise money for poster printing is higher than those that raised investment, so there is no reason to be happy. This year, some films were critically acclaimed, but failed to secure investment.

This year, ‘Aina Jhyalko Putli’ was considered to be the best film in terms of reviews. Probably next year this film will be able to win the most awards. Actor Pradeep Khadka starrer film Prakash also received good reviews. Apart from this, ‘Chiso Manchhe’, ‘Secrets of Radha’, ‘Paniphoto’, ‘Dokh’, ‘Premganj’ also received good praise from the audience and critics. 

This year, Anmol KC’s ‘Chadke 2’, Pushpa Khadka’s ‘Krishna Leela’, Aryan Sigdel’s ‘December Falls’, Samragyee Rajyalakshmi Shah’s ‘Timro Mero Saath’ and ‘Harry Ki Pari’, Pooja Sharma’s ‘Samjhna Birsana’ and ‘Samalichha kahile Man’, Dhiraj Magar’s ‘Babri’ shocked the film industry itself. This has been interpreted as stardom in Nepali films has stopped.

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