Aanchal afraid to face the media

A press conference was organized on Wednesday morning regarding the final program of ‘Mr. Nepal 2023’ to be organized by Next Models Nepal on Saturday. Aanchal Sharma, Prashant Tamrakar, Malvika Subba, Dr. Ayushmann Ghimire, Shailaja Adhikari and Bishwa Karan Jain are among the judges in this show.

In this press conference, the organizers specially invited actress Aanchal Sharma and former Miss Nepal Malvika Subba. Aanchal herself had also advised the organizers to hold this event.

The program called for 9 am on Wednesday started only at 11 am. Actress Aanchal Sharma informed the organizers that she was coming on the way. However, she did not attend the event.

The organizers said that the press conference was held at the request of Aanchal. At the last moment, Aanchal had sent a notice that she would meet the media on the day of the finals as she was sick.

What would be the reason for her to talk to the media till the end after giving the information that she is coming? Aanchal was involved in a controversy during the audition of a beauty pageant a few weeks ago. Since then, she has not been able to face the media.

Even in the press conference held on Wednesday, it is clear that she could not face the media. Aanchal does not have to answer the media because she will sit on the jury in the final to be held on Saturday. Therefore, Aanchal who says that she will come, sent the news that she is sick at the last moment, then when will she face the media? Everyone is waiting.

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