Melina Rai Live in concert Baltimore

Baltimore: Melina Rai, a singer, has arrived in the United States for the performance “Melina Rai Live in Baltimore,” which will take place at FLAGSHIP CINEMA on Friday, August 18.

Melina Rai, who is one of the favorite playback singers in Nepal, has a large fan following both in Nepal and around the world. Many of her songs, ‘Timile Bato Fereu Arey’, Shiraima Shirbandi’, Chapakkai Ful Fulyo’, Kutu ma Kutu’, Machhile Khane Kholiko Leu’, are famous.

Everest Entertainment organized the event. According to the organizer, Melina Rai will give a musical performance. Groovemandu Inc., a local band, will perform as the opening act before Melina Rai. The event’s host is Shree Shrestha.

According to the event’s organizer, both the Nepali and international entertainment sectors will profit from the event.

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