New facts about the Saruk Tamrakar’s sucide case

Today marks the 10th day since actor Saruk Tamrakar committed suicide. The reason why he committed suicide is not yet known. But the actors are raising their voice saying that he should get justice. Meanwhile, new facts related to him are being revealed.

Saruk was recently busy shooting for the film ‘Hashtag Maya’. He was busy shooting at the shooting location in Hattigowda till 5 am last Thursday. After the shooting was packed up, he went to the house where the shooting unit was staying at Budhanilkanth around 6 o’clock.

After some controversy arose during the shooting, after discussing it, he left his house at Ratopul around 11-12 o’clock. He committed suicide that evening. But before the shooting of this film, a new fact has come to light that he and actress Namrata Shrestha used ceremonial magic at night at Dolalghat.

According to a special source, a five-member team reached Dolalghat that day. Driver who was with the team was turned back midway and the director of the film, Rajiv Gurung, was told to stay in a hotel at Dolalghat. Namrata and Saruk went to cremation ground with a priest. In the puja, Saruk and Namrata tied the booti and they also let the director tie the booti they had brought with them.

Sources said that the four members brought cut goat meat to the hotel and ate it together that night. Saruk’s father Sanu Tamrakar also confirmed this. He said, “My son never wore any metal.” But recently, I saw him wearing a silver-like white metal object tied with a black rope in his throat.

Connecting that to the day he committed suicide, he placed the metal near the window before committing suicide.

According to the source, director, Namrata and Saruk may have been tied the booti to maintain closeness. Namrata, Saruk and the director got along very well during the shooting, the members of the shooting unit said so.

Sources also say that when Namrata reached Saruk’s house after Saruk’s suicide, Namrata made a call to Baba (priest).

In this incident, the police is only investigating Saruk’s mobile phone. In the study of these matters, the police have not received concrete evidence and family complaints, so it is causing problems to move forward with further investigation.

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